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How to Draw a Harley Davidson Motorcycle Engine

How to Draw a Harley Davidson Motorcycle Engine

Harley Davidson motorcycles are considered by many to be an integral part of Americana. In addition to being somewhat of a status symbol, Harley Davidson bikes are part of the pinnacle of coolness popularized in film and TV. The engine lies at the heart of the motorcycle, the part that's responsible for that signature HD sound, and drawing the famed V2 engine means paying attention to detail to create a reasonable rendition of the subject matter.

Moderately Easy


Things You'll Need

  • Paper
  • Pencil
  • Eraser
  • Black Ink
  • Ruler (optional)
  • Picture of a Harley Davidson engine (optional)
    • 1

      Draw a V in the center of your paper sized according to how large or small you want your engine to be. Use a ruler, if desired, to create straighter lines. Draw another V shape spaced a few inches underneath the first shape. Draw two slanted lines at the tops of the shapes that connect the two Vs. You should now have one large V on your paper.

    • 2

      Add a large circle between the V and erase any overlapping lines. Draw a square a little underneath the circle that covers the tip of the V. Erase any overlapping lines. Erase the right side of the square and replace it with a 45 degree line. Draw a small circle on the top right angle of the line you just drew and draw another small circle in the center of the square. Erase any overlapping lines.

    • 3

      Add details to this basic shape of the V2 engine to flesh it out. Look at a picture of a Harley to see small details such as the caps of the engine (two small rectangles that lie over the tops of the V shape), bolts and horizontal lines across the two vertical parts of the V. Write "Eighty Cubic Inches" across the big circle and add "V2" to the small circle in the middle of the square. Trace your drawing in black ink to make your art stand out on the page.

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